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Protea College wants to help its students by providing 6 simple tips to help students get the best out of themselves and their course. These 6 online study tips will give you a good foundation to build a good study routine.
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6 Tips to Help You Succeed With Online Study

6 Tips to Help You Succeed With Online Study

6 tips to help you succeed with online study!

Online study gives you a lot of flexibility in where and when you do your coursework. That flexibility, however, means you have to take some extra steps to be successful. You have to be proactive about creating some of the structure you get naturally in a face-to-face course. Here are six tips to help you stay successful once you are in an online course.

We have 6 topics that we cover which are.

  1. Motivation is key
  2. Set realistic goals
  3. Make online study part of your daily routine
  4. Understand how online study works
  5. Get help from people in your study network
  6. Reward yourself for success
6 Tips to Online Study

How to Study Online

If you feel you are struggling with your course and need some extra help please contact one of our friendly trainers who will be more than happy to give you extra assistance to get you back on track to completing your certificate sooner! Email Us at Study@proteacollege.com.au or visit www.proteacollege.com.au/student-login to get working on your course.

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