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About Protea

Why choose Protea College!

No matter where you are or where you want to go, Protea College offers you the training you need to grow your career. Our dedicated trainers and assessors and online-optimised learning materials enable you to study how you like, when you like, and where you like. And you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to learn: funded training options and flexible full-fee payment terms mean everyone can afford to study. Contact us today to join our growing cohort of students from around Australia and the world who are all focused on improving the most important asset in today’s global economy: themselves.


Protea College is a specialist Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We have a clear purpose: to educate, equip and qualify you with skills needed to start or progress your career. Flexible learning gives you the option to study on campus or online, as it suits your lifestyle. We train both international and domestic students, and also a range of options for Apprentices and Trainees.
Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. Take the first step towards a new career.


Protea Flowers come in many shapes and forms. The Protea flower symbolizes diversity, courage and strength. The word Protea was orinially dervied from the Greek God Proteus – a sea god who had the power to know all things past, present and future. Proteus would change shape and transform to hide from people seeking his insights. It is this diversity, courage, strength and adaptibily that we wish to impart on Protea College students.

Reasons to study with Protea College

Flexible Learning

Study online at your own pace with phone and email support, or face-to-face in a classroom.

Affordable and Funded Training

Take advantage of various funding programs and subsidies to reduce the cost of your course. Even if you aren’t eligible for funding, our full-fee payment plans ensure you can always afford to study.

Meet other Cultures

Learn alongside international students. Our mix of students from all over the world including South America, Europe and Asia creates a unique energy.

24hour Support

if you’re stuck, our trainers are here to assist you during the day. If it’s late, send us an email and we will reply ASAP, guaranteed within 24 hours.

Find Work

Students get access to the Protea Job board, with hundreds of employers looking for YOU!

Student Forum

Access the Protea student forum to ask questions and advice from other students in your course.




We are a dynamic and engaged college dedicated to excellence in research, teaching, and services for students.