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General English (CRICOS 093564E)

Course Description / Overview

Protea College’s General English course develops students’ basic skills in English reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The course focuses on the skills that are needed to participate in a range of community contexts, such as giving basic personal information, understanding and following basic instructions, participating in basic conversations, and understanding and completing simple forms and other documents.
The course does not lead to an accredited outcome but aims to improve the general English skills of participants (reading, writing, listening, speaking) by an amount equivalent to 0.5 on the IELTS band scale per 12 weeks of study.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the course will be able to:

  1. Provide personal information using spoken language (such as their name, address, nationality, age etc.)
  2. Write (and read aloud) a short personal description of themselves and fellow students
  3. Demonstrate understanding of a short spoken transaction (such as purchasing a small number of items in a store)
  4. Participate in a short spoken transaction (such as purchasing a small number of items in a store)
  5. Demonstrate understanding of a short news article on a familiar topic
  6. Demonstrate understanding of a short information text on a familiar topic
  7. Demonstrate understanding of a short informal conversation on a familiar topic (such as the weather)
  8. Participate in a short conversation on a familiar topic (such as the weather)
  9. Demonstrate understanding of a simple telephone message (such as a request to call the message-leaver back)
  10. Leave a short telephone message
  11. Demonstrate understanding of short written instructions (such as how to complete a simple form)
  12. Complete a short form (such as a form requesting personal information such as name and address)
  13. Measure, compare and record length, volume, weight and temperature using appropriate metric units of measurement
  14. At the conclusion of their studies students will be issued with a Certificate of Completion stating their course duration (including dates of study) and level of achievement as assessed by the trainer.

Students of the course will develop basic knowledge of the following topics:

– Australian culture and history, and the culture and history of their own country and the countries of their classmates;

– Common Australian social activities, etiquette (e.g. greetings), and norms;

– Health, hygiene, and personal safety;

– Australian news and media;

– Australian commerce and business;

– Australian weather, climate, flora and fauna

– Housing and accommodation;

– English vocabulary, grammar and syntax.

  • 2-36 weeks full time
Entry Requirments

Age: 18 (younger students may study in certain circumstances – contact Protea College for more information

Education: N/A

English: N/A – A placement test will be required pre-enrolment to ensure student is placed into correct cohort.

Study Mode
  • On-campus

Varies based on length of study and other factors – please contact Protea College


Optional social activities include BBQs, beach trips, movie nights, social sports and more!