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Returning Into the Workforce? What You Need to Know and the Courses That Can Help

Returning Into the Workforce? What You Need to Know and the Courses That Can Help

Are you considering getting back into the workforce? Ensure you’re equipped with up-to-date skills, knowledge and qualifications for that competitive edge. Returning to the workforce after having children can be scary. Industries evolve quickly as new technologies and developments are introduced, presenting a daunting and intimidating challenge for job-seekers.

To stand out to potential employers and show that you’re ready for work, we recommend completing short courses in your selected field.

Protea College has a number of affordable online courses and business administration courses centred on equipping you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to get back into work.

Short Business Courses Online

Studying is hard enough, but when you add children, new babies and personal commitments to the mix it can seem near impossible.

Protea College’s short courses allow you to enjoy the flexibility of gaining a high quality, practical education while balancing being a parent. With the ability to fit study into your home life, you’re able to gain the qualifications and skills you need on your terms.

Whether you’re studying during the day while the kids are at school or care or fitting a few hours in at night once you’ve put them to sleep, you can study on a schedule that suits you. Our business administration courses equip you with modern, relevant and in-demand skills to return to the workforce with confidence.

Enjoy stress-free studying on your terms with one of Protea College’s affordable online courses.

Leveraging Your Skills

All parents will tell you that raising kids, getting to work and managing daily life is the hardest balancing act. As a parent, you’re constantly time managing and multitasking to ensure that all mouths are fed, all bills are paid and all family members are happy and healthy.

Time management, organisation, leadership and multitasking are just a few of the transferable skills you’ve obtained as a parent that are valuable to employers.

Develop and strengthen your existing skills in a professional context by enrolling in one of Protea College’s affordable online courses.

Create a career to be excited about by developing specialised skills in business administration, project management, hospitality and much more from Protea College.

Get Job Ready With Affordable Online Courses

Show employers you’re serious about getting back to work with an up-to-date qualification and display of relevant industry skills. By completing one of Protea College’s affordable online courses, you’re able to get straight back into work with the confidence, skills and knowledge to succeed.

Our quality courses are consistently updated to meet current industry standards and practices, ensuring that you’re equipped with the most in demand skills and expertise for your chosen field.

We offer you the training you need to grow your career now and into the future. With dedicated assessors and online-optimised learning materials you’re able to study how, when and where you like.

Download a course planner, chat with one of our friendly team members and get started on your enrolment today.

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